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M.J. F. Marques, T.C. Diamantino, R. Basséguy

“Assessment of Anticorrosion Properties of Biomineralized Induced Coating formed on Al Alloy in Marine Environment. A New Nature-Inspired Approach for Corrosion Protection.”

Eurocorr 2020, Virtual, 7-11 Sept. 2020.

Jaume, M-L. Délia, M.J. F. Marques, R. Basséguy

Corrosion of Al-Mg alloys in Marine Environment – Influence of Microbial Activity

Eurocorr 2019, Seville, Spain, 9-13 Sept. 2019.

Jaume, M-L. Délia, M.J. F. Marques, R. Basséguy

Aluminium en milieu marin : Protection par biocorrosion “

Journées électrochimiques, juillet 2019, Toulouse, FRANCE.

M.J. F. Marques, G. Pavanello, F. Garaventa, T. C. Diamantino, M. Faimali, R.Basseguy

Influence of microbial activity on Aluminium Alloys in marine medium: natural vs artificial seawater.

Eurocorr 2017, Prague, République Tchèque, 3-7 Sept. 2017.