The new concept of microbially inspired anticorrosion coating technology
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Project objectives

The MICOATEC project will make possible to understand and master a spontaneous natural process in order to replicate it for industry purpose by a biomimetic approach. 

We are developping a new environmental friendly process to produce an anti-corrosive coating that is capable of inhibiting metallic corrosion minimizing the use or generation of hazardous coumpounds. 


the interactions of AI alloys with marine microbial activity


the growth process and the physical-chemical properties of the protective layer formed the metal surface


to the industry a reliable Microbially-Inspired Anticorrosion Coating Technology more ecofriend and more cost-effective

Our approach

The approach of the MICOATEC project is to mimic the natural biomineralization process occurring in marine environment to develop a new technology for the production of anticorrosive solutions.

Project partners