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Cookies and Advertisements on the Internet


The MICOATEC site is designed to be particularly attentive to the needs of its users. For this purpose, we use cookies which are intended to track your passage on our site. The purpose of this section is to explain how we use informatics cookies, the benefits they provide you, as well, if desired, the method to disable these cookies.

A cookie is a computer file in text format that is saved on your hard drive when you visit a website such as MICOATEC. The cookies that we use enable us to store your data to personalize and to facilitate your navigation during your next visits (for example: pages visited, the date and time and password). A cookie does not allow us to identify you; it only saves your IP address (the identification number of your computer).

Cookies are deposited on your computer for a period determined according to their functions.

We distinguish two types of cookies: cookies issued by MICOATEC and cookies issued by the applications of our partners.

Cookies issued by MICOATEC


During your first connection to the MICOATEC site, cookies are deposited on your hard disk. These cookies serve us by :

  • storing your actions on the site in memory

The purpose of these cookies is to improve and simplify your browsing experience as much as possible.


THE NAME OF THE COOKIE PERIOD OF VALIDITY cookie_functionality_title
cookie_bandeau_iaccept 90 days This cookie is placed by MICOATEC.
It allows keeping your choice regarding the use of cookies on our site.

Cookies issued by the applications of our partners :

To optimise the services of the site and the support to the purchase, we may use your browser data through cookies managed by our partners. Similarly to the cookies used by MICOATEC, these data are completely anonymous.

These applications allow us to be more responsive in replying directly to your needs.

Our partners’ cookies :

GOOGLE The collection of the information gathered by these cookies allows us to :
• measure the audience of the site
• obtain statistics relating to the use of the site
• assess the interest that you demonstrate for the content and our various sections

→ Attention, if you share the use of your computer with other people.

In this case, we can’t ensure that the services and advertisements intended for your computer correspond to your use and not to that of a third person.

How to disable the cookies?

Cookies are enabled by default during your visit to a site. You have the right to refuse these cookies.

Several options are available to you :

  • delete or disable at any time the storage of cookies on your browser.
  • limit the deposit of cookies only to Internet sites that you have previously accepted.
  • change the settings of your browser to require your confirmation for each cookie deposited on your computer.

Depending on the browser that you use, the procedure for refusing cookies is different. You will find below the procedure to be followed by the browser :

For Internet Explorer :

1. GDPR.click_button Tools, and then on Internet Options.

2. GDPR.click_button Confidentiality, and then on Parameters,

3. Move the cursor upwards to block all the cookies, or move it down to allow all the cookies,

4. To finish, click on OK.

For Safari 

1. Click on Safari

2. Select Preferences then Confidentiality

3. Click on Details

4. Select one or several web sites that store cookies, then click on Erase or on Erase all.

5. After having removed the Web sites, click on Finish.

For Chrome :

1. Click on the Google Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.

2. Select Parameters

3. Click on Display the advanced settings.

4. In the section « Confidentiality », click on the button Settings content.

5. In the section « Cookies », you can modify the following settings :

  • Delete the cookies
  • Block the cookies by default
  • Allow the cookies by default
  • Keep the cookies and site data by default until closing your browser
  • Make exceptions for cookies from certain Web sites or domains

For Firefox :

1. At the top of the Firefox window, click on the menu Tools, then select Options

2. Select the panel Privacy policy.

3. To configure Rules of conservation : to use the historical custom settings.

4. Uncheck the box To accept the cookies to disable the cookies

5. Click on OK to close the « Options » window.

For Opera :

1. Click on Preferences

2. Then, click on Advanced

3. Select Cookies

4. Several options are available to you :

  • To accept the cookies : All the cookies are accepted (by default)
  • Accept only those of the site visited : The third-party cookies for a domain outside the one that I visited, are refused
  • Never accept cookies : All cookies are rejected