The all MICOATEC team wishes you a happy new year 2021

Looking back on 2020

It was in March 2020 that the MICOATEC project was launched, a few days later, both Italy and France were confined.

Despite the health crisis, the partners worked hard to ensure that the project did not fall behind. A first immersion campaign was carried out in September. Work on the characterization methods has also well progressed and will allow our team to obtain the most reliable results possible. Laboratory tests are currently underway.

An eye on 2021

2021 will be marked by several achievements:

  • The continuation of the phase of understanding the interactions between the marine biofilm and the surface of the aluminum alloy with a new exhibition campaign;
  • the start of the process of replication of the protective layer as an anti-corrosion solution.

See you next March for a new consortium meeting.