Like every 6 months, the MICOATEC team met to make a progress report. Each in turn, the partners presented the results they have obtained over the last 6 months.

The analyses carried out have once again highlighted the role of light on the corrosion of aluminum plates. New plates from the 2nd immersion campaign will arrive from Genoa and will be analyzed.

What should be retained from this consortium meeting?

Visit to Genoa

Chavie NKOUA, a doctoral student on the project, went to Genoa at the beginning of October to organize the immersion of machined aluminum samples that will be used to evaluate the mechanical properties provided by the protective layer.

A new thesis within the team

Anthony DIDEROT will carry out his thesis within the MICOATEC team with the subject: Biocorrosion / bioprotection phenomena and microbial catalysis of oxygen reduction on aluminium alloys

This thesis will be co-directed by Régine Basséguy and Marie-Line Délia.

MICOATEC will be present at the XVIth Forum Biodeterioration of materials

A part of the MICOATEC team will be present on October 21st and 22nd for the XVIth Forum of biodeterioration of materials.

Events not to be missed on October 21:

  • 14h50 – 15h10: New concept of anticorrosion coating technology inspired by the MICOATEC microbial project, Maria Joao Marques, Julien Jaume, A. Diderot, M.L. Delia, Régine Basséguy.
  • 15h10 – 15h30 : Microbial catalysis of oxygen reduction and bioprotection/biocorrosion of aluminum alloys, Anthony Diderot, Marie-Line Délia, Régine Basséguy

Intellectual protection, review of patents already submitted

Within the Work Package 4, Serge Da SILVA (6TMIC) has carried out an intellectual propection watch around the Micoatec project. This watch will allow to know the patents already filed and to set up a strategy of patent filing.