The MICOATEC project ambitions to develop a new environmental friendly process to produce anti-corrosive coatings using a biomimetic strategy. The starting point is the recognition that microorganism/metal interactions result in the formation of a layer that protects the metal surface from corrosion. The main goal is to translate the natural biotic process into an abiotic technology for corrosion protection.

In the last 18 months and despite the health crisis, the MICOATEC team was able to launch and conclude the first campaign of natural immersion exposure in Seawater (Genoa Port, Mediterranean Sea) allowing to start the research activities associated to the growth process and the chemical-physical properties of the protective layer naturally formed. Currently, a second exposure campaign has started and laboratory experiments for the first step of replication (biotic) are already in prospect.

MICOATEC presented its first results

MICOATEC presented its first results by participating in severel events.

Eurocorr 2021

The major corrosion event #Eurocorr 2021 was held from September 20th to 24th online. 3 oral presentations were submitted :

  1. M.J. F. MARQUES, D. MERCIER, A. SEYEUX, S. ZANNA, P. MARCUS, R. BASSÉGUY “Marine Microorganisms and Metal interaction: The Start Point of a New Biosolution for Corrosion Protection“ Virtual Eurocorr 2021 online 20-24 Sept. 2021.

2. C. NKOUA, B. TRIBOLLET, R. BASSEGUY, C. BLANC “Electrochemical study of the microbially-induced surface modifications on a 5083 aluminium alloy in marine environment“ Virtual Eurocorr 2021 online 20-24 Sept. 2021.

3. J. JAUME, M-L. DELIA, M.J. F. MARQUES, R. BASSEGUY “Surface modifications of aluminum alloy 5083 due to marine microorganisms: influence of the initial roughness“ Virtual Eurocorr 2021 online 20-24 Sept. 2021.


One oral presentation was given during the highlight event for the European chemical engineering and biotechnology community ECAB 6.

M-L. DÉLIA, J. JAUME, N. DURBAN, R. BASSÉGUY “When microorganisms can help to protect aluminium alloys from corrosion.” ECAB 6, 6th European Congress of Applied Biotechnology, Virtual Event, 20-23 sept. 2021

XVIth Forum of biodeterioration of materials in Cherbourg (France)

Three oral communications

  1. M. J. F. MARQUES, J. JAUME, A DIDEROT, M-L. DELIA, R. BASSEGUY “Nouveau concept de technologie de revêtement anticorrosion inspirée des systèmes microbiens – Projet MICOATEC.“ Poster et communication orale au XVIème Forum Biodétérioration des Matériaux du CEFRACOR, Cherbourg, 21-22 octobre 2021. MJ Marques a obtenu le 2ème prix « jeunes chercheurs ».
  2. A DIDEROT, M-L. DÉLIA, R. BASSÉGUY “Catalyse microbienne de la réduction de l’oxygène et bioprotection/biocorrosion des alliages d’aluminium.“ Poster et communication orale au XVIème Forum Biodétérioration des Matériaux du CEFRACOR, Cherbourg, 21-22 octobre 2021
Marie-Jeanne and Anthony

Two posters

2 posters were created to promote the MICOATEC project by Maria-Joao and Anthony. 

One new paper

A first paper was published in the journal Corrosion Science (discover our article on our LinkedIn page).

What about dissemination?

Dissemination actions were carried out :